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Voice Magazine for Women
Reader Survey

1. I am a

2. How often do you read Voice - magazine for women?

3. Where do you typically pick up your copy of Voice - magazine for women? Please Enter a specific place for Other.

4. Do you have any suggestions for other places for us to deliver the magazine?

5. What are your favorite parts of Voice - magazine for women?

6. What topics would you like to see in future issues?

7. What is your current household situation?

8. What is your marital status?

9. Please choose the race you most closely identify as your own:

10. How would you describe your occupational status today?

11. Please choose your total household income range:

12. What is your highest level of education?

13. What is your age range?

14. What areas do you like to travel to for shopping?

15. Have you done business with our advertisers in response to their magazine ads?

16. Which of the following hobbies and interests do you regularly participate in? (Hold CTRL and click to select more then one)

17. What section do you enjoy the most?

18. What suggestions/comments do you have for our website?

19. Suggestions/Comments:

20. Please enter your email address.

Thank you for taking time to complete our Reader Survey. We appreciate your comments and suggestions!

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